Star Wars Force Collection Stat Guide

Star Wars Force Collection Stat Guide

Listing of Stats for the Cards in Star Wars Force Collection

Hi Everyone!…Ive been a huge fan of the star wars force collection card game since it came out. Ive looked everywhere for some good info on the game as far as characters stats, and haven’t found anything! So im trying to list every stat for ever character at every level. I can only list the cards that I have and continue to get so this could take awhile. I dont normally buy a lot of packs so filling in all the cards might not happen and getting any 5 star cards prob wont happen either. If anyone has any info they would like to give me that would be great! This is my first website too so sorry if its a little ruff. Thanks for coming and I hope this proves useful to some. Thanks! Brian

All images are from the game and property of Lucasfilm Ltd, Disney, Konami and is in no way meant to infringe on any of the properties.


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